Emerald is a symbol of rebirth and is said to promote vision, youth and good luck. Emerald is also believed to promote peace, growth and balance. Whether it is a dark green emerald from Colombia or a stunning blue-green gemstone from Zambia, emeralds are an investment in lasting beauty.

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Regardless of the quality of your emeralds, it is an investment that can be used many times. Emerald is a wonderful embellishment for anyone's jewelry box. Some emeralds are rarer than diamonds and can be very expensive, while others have a more moderate budget. Whether synthetic or natural, emeralds are made in the same process, and they quickly become precious objects.

However, emeralds do have different problems from diamonds, so they need special care to show their best condition. Although emeralds are more rare, they are not so hard. They may be rarer than diamonds, but they are certainly not as hard as diamonds. Because they are more delicate in nature, it is important to realize that emeralds can easily crack or chip.

Jewelry is timeless, but how long the sweet color, beauty and charm can exist depends on you. Proper care and maintenance can maintain their luster and attractiveness. Certain types of jewelry require more care than others, and emerald rings fall into this category. If you like emeralds and own some beautiful emerald rings, here are some tips to help you maintain the charm and luster of the gemstone so that you can pass on your heritage from generation to generation while enjoying your emerald jewelry.

How to Clean Emerald Ring and Others

The best way to clean emerald jewelry is to use warm soapy water or a warm soapy cloth. Do not soak emeralds in soapy water. The reason is that emeralds are usually treated with oil to fill in tiny surface cracks and maintain their luster. Soap is basically used to break down and wash away grease, so they have the same effect and may leave your emeralds with dull patches.

Do not soak emeralds in solvents such as alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner.Just follow the instructions below:

1. Use a soft microfiber cloth to remove the oil and dirt accumulated on your emerald jewelry.

2. Fill the bowl with warm fresh water and add some mild soap. Put the jewelry in a mixture of soap and water.

3. Use a soft toothbrush or jewelry brush to clean the jewelry. Be sure to use a brush to enter those hard-to-reach areas and clean them thoroughly.

4. Fill the second bowl with lukewarm rinse water. Immerse the jewelry completely and check to make sure there are no soap residues on the emeralds.

5. Dry the jewelry with a soft and clean microfiber towel. Once the jewelry is dry, it can be stored or worn again.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on emerald jewelry.
Also, avoid using commercial jewelry cleaners on your emeralds.
Do not use ultrasonic equipment and commercial jewelry cleaners, it will remove emerald-treated grease and cause damage to your emerald jewelry.

How to Care for Emerald

Please use some common sense when caring for emerald jewelry:
  • Store your jewelry in a separate envelope or pouch. Always avoid placing your emerald ring next to another piece of fine jewelry, which may cause scratches.
  • Check your jewelry frequently to ensure that the gemstones are not loose.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry when doing housework, gardening or participating in sports.
  • Don't expose your jewelry to sudden extreme temperature changes.
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Emerald is a gem, so it needs a precious cleaning and caring method. This May birthstone represents an important month that requires a lot of love and care.

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