About Emeralds

Origin of the word "emerald" - The word "emerald" is essentially related to the English word for green and dates back to ancient times, with the original term being "smaragdus" or "green gem". Refers to any green transparent stone, not a specific gem. The fact that we only refer to certain shades of green beryl as emeralds speaks volumes about how we view green.

Few gems are surrounded by so much mystery as emeralds. In addition to beautifying or highlighting a variety of skin tones, emeralds have a rich history dating back to Babylon, the "cradle of civilization" some 4,000 years ago, making them a popular gift gemstone.

The gemstone itself is known to symbolize loyalty and true love, while making the individual a more persuasive speaker. The theory is that if you stick an emerald under the tongue of someone who doesn't speak well, they become poets.

Emerald as May Birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone for those born in May. It is a symbol of rebirth and is said to promote vision, good luck and youth. Emeralds are also believed to promote growth, peace and balance. Essentially, green is the calmest of all the shades on the color wheel, and emerald, with its soothing green color, can relieve eyestrain and stress. This gemstone is also often used to adorn sacred images.

Emeralds For the 55th Wedding Anniversary

When a marriage lasts 55 years, the couple deserves to be praised and celebrated, marked by a truly special and heartfelt gift. Combine these themes and ideas to create a unique and wonderful gift that the recipient will appreciate forever.

Emerald anniversaries are traditionally celebrated on the 55th wedding anniversary, a gem suitable for true love. 55 years is a long time, and to spend a long time with one person, it is very important to prepare something special for this milestone.

Emeralds can signify many things from rebirth to wisdom, although one of the most historically significant is true love. Thousands of years later, Cleopatra is still known for her love of green gems and whirlwind romance. 

Another implication of putting an auspicious gem at the end of your anniversary gift list is that your marriage must be famously "true love," and nothing can spoil it.

In rings, the meaning is doubly valid, as the circular shape of the ring is associated with "eternity". This is why wedding rings and engagement rings are widely used for weddings and are very romantic choices.

Emerald Jewelry for your 20th Wedding Anniversary

Emerald is a precious gemstone derived from the beryl mineral. It is a beautiful dark green gemstone considered by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of life. It is known to represent eternity and commitment.

Emeralds are so strong that many people give their spouses emerald jewelry on their 20th wedding anniversary. It's endured daily abuse and keeps its brilliance just like your 20-year marriage! Some people call emerald invincible and think it symbolizes something they want to have or keep in their marriage for the next 20 years, such as: prosperity, cheer, stamina, strength, etc.

Emerald rings are a favorite among 20-year-old couples. You can wear an emerald ring anywhere and it is as strong as when you bought it. You also don't have to worry about what to pair with your emerald ring; it reflects and shines light and other colors, making it beautiful no matter what you wear. Emeralds have a striking green hue unmatched by any other gemstone.

The octagonal shape of the center stone of this art deco emerald ring perfectly highlights the beautiful green of emeralds.

Art Deco Emerald Ring

Emerald earrings are lovely accessories for special occasions. They stand out for their brilliance and are a great talking point at a dinner party or holiday dinner.

Emerald necklaces are also resistant to a lot of abuse, and people can wear them even while exercising, hiking, date night, and playing with small children. Delicate chains need to be cared for, but emeralds themselves stand the test of time! Shades of green are the perfect complement to colors like blue and complement yellows, reds or warm tones. Therefore, it is a great gem to match with any outfit. Emeralds also work well with diamonds. So feel free to get a gift that includes both gems. 

Emerald Engagement Ring Meaning

Emerald engagement rings have many meanings. Emerald engagement rings represent luck, love, peace and hope. Give your loved one an emerald engagement ring to show that you want a happy marriage. The green color of emeralds represents new beginnings, whether in love or in life. It is the deep symbolism and beauty of the gemstone that makes an emerald engagement ring a great choice for a marriage proposal.

Each piece takes on a new meaning when set on an engagement ring.

Circle usually means infinite, a meaning that is generally agreed upon by most if not all cultures. This basic shape alludes to the sun, moon, and other strange and lesser-known symbols like ouroboros. All the circular elements of nature are in constant cycle, which is why rings are one of the most popular choices for weddings and engagements. Putting an emerald in a ring is like saying that you want these romantic meanings to last forever.

How to Choose an Emerald Engagement Ring

As with any engagement ring, personal taste and preference are the most important considerations when shopping for an emerald engagement ring. After all, an engagement ring is for life. Emerald engagement rings are a great option for those looking for a unique and colorful gemstone ring.

Emerald shape

The most popular emerald shape for engagement rings tends to be the emerald cut. Emerald Cut Emeralds' beautiful elongated appearance and stepped cut facets make them so special. Other popular emerald shapes are round and oval cuts. All of these shapes look great in a solitaire setting or emerald halo engagement ring.

Emerald Color

For any piece of gemstone jewelry, color is the most important consideration. The rich and brightly colored emeralds are the most valuable and precious gemstones. Gem color is measured in terms of hue, hue, and saturation, and high-quality emeralds have an even distribution of color.

Emerald Engagement Ring Setting

The most popular emerald engagement ring settings nowadays tend to be side stone or halo styles. That's because they have a unique vintage-inspired appeal that pairs perfectly with colored gemstones like emeralds.

Any piece of jewelry with emeralds looks stunning, but there's no denying that this unique emerald ring design is breathtaking. This green emerald ring is really The oval 5x7 mm elegant emeralds are perfectly displayed in a stunning circle of 0.05 carat of high-quality diamonds. If you are looking for an eye-catching piece of jewelry for someone, then this green emerald ring will look great.