Emerald's emerald green color is reminiscent of growth, a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth. Emerald flourishes are formed by a pattern of inclusions known as a jardin or its "garden". In addition to being the birthstone for May, emeralds make stunning engagement rings.


What to look for in an emerald engagement ring


Emeralds are one of four precious gemstones that rival diamonds in rarity and value. When you see the right emerald engagement ring, it will come at you, but keep these characteristics in mind when looking for the perfect ring.


The most important factor when choosing an emerald is the color of the stone. Emeralds are medium to dark green, with dark blue-green being the most popular. Many people find that they prefer lighter shades because they are more reflective and have more radiance.



The cut of the gemstone showcases all the best characteristics of an emerald and affects how scintillating it is. Emerald cuts and step cuts, such as the Asscher, are preferred for this gem as they accentuate its natural beauty.



When looking down, the shape of the gemstone is its outline. Round and octagonal shapes are popular because they allow the emerald to reflect the most light. Pear and oval shapes are the best options for showing off the size of emeralds. Of course, the rectangular shape of an emerald always looks spectacular, with the eponymous emerald cut that maximizes the surface area of ​​the gemstone.


Emerald is a spectacular gem that looks lovely with any metal. A lush emerald paired with gold is an eye-catching pair, but these gorgeous green stones look just as impressive on a platinum or silver ring. A helpful tip is to choose the band opposite the emerald wheel to enhance its greenness. For example, choose a yellow band if emerald is a bluer hue, or a white band if it's a yellower hue.

Hardness and Wear Resistance

Emeralds have a Mohs scale of 7.5 to 8, which determines how sensitive the gemstone is to cracks, chips, and scratches. Emeralds require more care than diamonds or sapphires, but if worn properly, they can make beautiful engagement rings that will last a long time. Learn more about choosing emeralds and diamonds for your engagement ring.


The setting of an engagement ring is what holds the center stone in place. Popular choices for emerald engagement rings are solitaire diamonds and elegant pavé settings. These understated settings bring attention and sparkle to the way the ring shines on your hand.

Accent diamond or Gemstone

Diamonds are a classic choice for embellishing gemstones in emerald engagement rings and look stunning in a pavé setting on a vintage-inspired ring. For a less traditional look, try adorning the gemstone with royal blue sapphire or bright citrine.

An oval-cut emerald center surrounded by two round diamonds in a modern engagement ring with clean lines and soft curve details in a white gold setting


Emeralds are dazzling in any style. Lovers of vintage glamour will be captivated by the opulent filigree and timeless charm of Art Deco and Edwardian style. Those who prefer modern designs will love the clean lines and soft curves of modern engagement rings.

Shop Popular Vintage Emerald Engagement Rings

Your love is eternal, and so should your emerald engagement ring. Authentic vintage and vintage-inspired emerald engagement rings are both classic and unique. You'll stand out from the crowd with emeralds instead of diamonds as your center stone.

 1. Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

This vintage emerald engagement ring features an octagonal center stone that perfectly accentuates the beautiful green color of emeralds. A 0.50 carat H/SI grade diamond surrounds a 3 carat emerald and shines against the 18k gold plated ring, making this ring extra elegant in the hand.

2.Diamond And Emerald Engagement Ring

Featuring the finest Colombian emeralds, this vintage emerald ring features sparkling diamonds surrounding a lush green emerald cut emerald. The ring is set with diamonds, adding sophistication to this Colombian emerald ring.

3.Emerald Diamond Ring

Emerald Diamond Ring

Bring an elegant and luxurious look to your hands with this stunning emerald and diamond ring. Surrounded by sparkling fine diamonds is an outstanding cushion-cut emerald that sparkles with a delicate green for extra brilliance. This is a ring that you or a loved one will treasure for a lifetime.

 4.Pear Shaped Emerald Ring



A lush green pear-shaped emerald, prong-set in the center, surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds. Pear-shaped emeralds set in unique prong settings radiate lush green brilliance. Crafted in 18k white gold and sterling silver, this charming pear-shaped emerald ring exudes undeniable beauty.

5.Unique Emerald Ring Design for Women

Unique Emerald Ring Design for Women

Pearl and emerald together? Such an amazing combination. Crafted from 18k white gold vermeil, this unique emerald ring for women is an absolute gem in your hand.