Part of the Big Four in the gemstone industry and the most popular green gemstone in the world, emeralds are truly fascinating. They exude nature's own rich, lush green hues and are said to symbolize growth and abundance. So it's no surprise that this green gemstone is the birthstone for May, this beautiful spring month.

Emerald has a gorgeous green hue and makes for a truly spectacular sight. It also represents new beginnings. If you haven’t guessed it already, we are talking about our personal favorite – EMERALD! And, those born in May are lucky to call this ‘Gem of Spring’ their birthstone.

Known for being Queen Cleopatra’s favorite, emerald oozes royalty and charm. Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be a-MAY-zing to treat your May bae like royalty too?

Guess what, we’ve rounded up some of the best May birthstone jewelry gifts to help you do just that. Take your pick from earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants all adorned with exquisite emeralds.

NGL, you may feel tempted to keep these pieces for yourself

1.Emerald Toi Et Moi Ring

Emerald Toi Et Moi Ring

Looking for a charming and special emerald gift for a special someone? This toi et moi style ring makes for a great pick. Absolutely sleek and stylish, this ring is perfect as a stand-alone piece or paired with other statement pieces. An emerald-cut lab emerald is set in our custom ring. The harmony between emeralds and diamonds is exemplary. This emerald toi et moi ring can make any daytime or evening ensemble look stylish without much effort.

2.Green Emerald Ring


 Green Emerald Ring
Any piece of jewelry with emeralds looks stunning, but there's no denying that this unique emerald ring design is breathtaking. This green emerald ring is really The oval 5x7 mm elegant emeralds are perfectly displayed in a stunning circle of 0.05 carat of high-quality diamonds. If you are looking for an eye-catching piece of jewelry for someone, then this green emerald ring will look great.

3.Emerald Diamond Ring


Emerald Diamond Ring
This charming emerald diamond ring brings an elegant and luxurious look to your hands. Surrounded by the shining fine diamonds is an excellent cushion cut emerald, shimmering with delicate green and gaining extra brilliance. This is a ring that you or your loved one will cherish for a lifetime.

4.Half Eternity Ring with Emerald and Diamond


Half Eternity emerald Ring
This gorgeous emerald and half eternity ring is the perfect gift to commemorate a special anniversary or occasion. Emerald is believed to bring unconditional love and passion. It is a protective stone that perfectly matches the diamonds in this charming half eternity ring with emerald and diamond.

5.Art Deco Emerald Ring


Art Deco Emerald Ring
The octagonal shape of the center stone of this art deco emerald ring perfectly highlights the beautiful green of emeralds. The 0.50 carats of H/SI quality diamonds surround the 3 carats of emeralds and shine against the 18K gold plated ring, making this ring look extraordinarily elegant when worn on the hand.

6.Vintage Emerald Pendant With Diamond


Vintage Emerald Pendant
Nothing says elegance and luxury like this delicate emerald diamond necklace surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds.

Perfect to complement your LBD or evening gown, this gorgeous sparkler has the potential to be a standout in any women's jewelry box. What's more, the diamond-encrusted bag doubles the sparkle (and therefore, the joy), making this piece a must-have.

7.Emerald Cut Emerald Earrings


Emerald Cut Emerald Earrings

A stunning pair of emerald earrings, the lush green hues of these four perfectly matched emeralds are complemented by sparkling diamonds and white gold. Prong settings further enhance their brilliance, making these earrings the perfect accessory for a glamorous evening.

8.Emerald Tennis Bracelets


If you're looking for a luxurious bracelet for a special occasion, this stunning emerald tennis bracelet makes the perfect gift. This exquisite bracelet looks stunning on the wrist.
We couldn't think of a better bracelet to incorporate emeralds into the ultimate classic of the day - the tennis bracelet. The high quality emeralds in this design give it an extra luster, making it perfect for any occasion! Our emerald tennis bracelet is the perfect combination of understated elegance. You won't want to take this emerald tennis bracelet off.

9.Emerald and Diamond Bracelet


Emerald And Diamond Bracelet

If you're looking for a luxurious gift for someone special, this stunning emerald and diamond bracelet is perfect. Sophisticated and feminine in design, a single lab emerald cut emerald stone, paired with multiple tiny diamonds, is a timeless accessory that looks stunning on the wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What gemstone is associated with May and what does the May birthstone symbolize?

Emerald is the birthstone of May. This gorgeous green gemstone symbolizes new beginnings, revival, abundance, growth and peace.

Q2. Why is emerald the birthstone of May?

The lush green hue of emerald is one of the main reasons it is considered the birthstone for May, as it perfectly represents the color of spring, evoking a feeling of freshness and energy.

Q3. How to Buy High Quality Birthstone Jewelry?

To ensure your birthstone jewelry is of the best quality, be sure to buy from a trusted jeweler. Don't forget to check the Certificate of Authenticity for more details about your gemstone purchase.

Q4. Should I invest in lab-made or natural birthstone jewelry?

Investing in natural birthstone jewelry is definitely a better option. Natural gemstones are rare, beautiful, and worth adding to your jewelry box. Pieces with natural gemstones also make for fine heirlooms and precious keepsakes.