When we hear "sapphire," it's likely that images of Princess Diana and her very famous engagement ring come to our minds. The blue sapphire firework she wears is so admirable that even today you will come across many pieces inspired by the same design.

Vintage Sapphire Ring
But there are many reasons that make this gem precious (not just value). If you happen to be someone who wants to learn more about its symbolism, you are definitely on the right page.

Royalty: Another name for sapphire

Sapphire is a precious gemstone, which means it is extremely valuable and is known for its rarity and beauty. That said, not many people can afford it sooner. But monarchs and privileged members of society certainly can. Thus, the sapphire's connection to royalty was immediate. Even today, the rich and famous often flaunt this glamorous gem. At the end of the day, sapphires were and continue to be a world-renowned symbol of wealth and royalty.


Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Beautiful. Outstanding. Magic

You can't blame people for thinking that sapphire is an extraordinary gem. Even Sir Richard Francis Burton would agree! The legendary and fearless British explorer is said to have traveled to the East with a giant star sapphire 'asteria'. He claimed that it was his lucky charm and that Sapphire's fame preceded him in his travels. Many flocked to see his amulet because they believed it would bring them good luck.

Stories from around the world

Star sapphire is the result of a phenomenon known as the star effect, which was also highly valued by ancient Christians. They connect its three beams with faith, hope and destiny. They also believed that the sapphire would protect them from bad luck and disease, and was therefore considered a revered amulet.

Early Persian rulers hailed it as a holy stone. Something used by a higher power to paint the sky blue. Another interesting claim is that some ancient folklore suggests that the Ten Commandments were written on a slab made of sapphire.

Get rid of it all? Sapphire is a symbol of positivity. This is a gem that people all over the world believe can improve their lives, both mentally and physically.


Sapphire Band Ring

Other Interesting Facts About Sapphire

This gemstone is an extremely popular choice for engagement rings as it is said to represent authenticity, loyalty and fidelity.

In addition to blue, sapphire is available in a variety of beautiful shades. So next time we suggest you also look at pink, orange, yellow, green and teal sapphires.

Padparadscha is the name of an extremely rare and precious variety of sapphire. It has a distinctive salmon pink color. The name of this popular gemstone comes from the Sinhalese word for lotus.
Sapphire has a Mohs hardness scale of 9, indicating its exceptional durability. In fact, diamond is the only natural mineral that can scratch sapphire.

Final Thoughts

You don't necessarily need to buy an engagement ring to enjoy this gorgeous gem full of intriguing legends and symbolism. Even a simple pendant or a pair of stud earrings would be a wonderful way to own this fascinating treasure from nature.


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