Sapphire is one of the most precious gemstones in the world. It has been loved and adored for its rich colors and luxurious fragrance since the day it was discovered. Even today, its amazing appeal and exceptional durability (9 on the Mohs scale) make it one of the most sought-after gemstones. Despite its large following, little is known about all the varieties of this precious gemstone. In this article, we will discuss the different types of sapphires and their colors.

Sapphire Type and Color
Sapphire is a type of corundum. The presence of various trace elements in its chemical composition is responsible for the different shades of this gemstone. Below are the various colors available for sapphire…

What Color is Sapphire

1.Blue Sapphire:

It is the most popular of all the different types of sapphire, ranging in color from pale blue to deep blue. Additionally, there is a cornflower blue variant of this sapphire, popular for its beautiful cornflower blue hue.

Oval Sapphire Ring

2.Pink Sapphire:

The presence of chrome gives this sapphire its distinctive pink hue. Interestingly, some say that pink sapphires are lighter rubies because they contain the same trace elements, but in smaller quantities. These sapphires range in shades from light pink to deep magenta. Feminine and refined shades make this gem the second most popular sapphire.

3.Yellow Sapphire:

Nothing beats the delightful and bright beauty of a stunning yellow sapphire. The trace element iron in the chemical composition gives this gem its vibrant color. They exist in colors ranging from yellow-green to orange-yellow. However, their bright canary yellow hue is a favorite among jewelry lovers.

4.Orange Sapphire:

The orange member of this exotic sapphire family shines like a fiery sun. It exists in a variety of shades, from deep gold to tangerine to deep orange. The presence of trace elements such as chromium and iron gives this gem its amazing color and luster. Also, this gem is so rare that there are no substitutes, which adds to its uniqueness.

5.Turquoise Montana Sapphire:

Named after the U.S. state of Montana, where it originated, this blue-green sapphire is fascinating. It comes in a variety of shades, from medium blue to green, but blue-green gemstones are highly sought after. Outstanding durability, symbolism and vibrant color make this gemstone ideal for jewelry worldwide.

6.Green Sapphire:

Sapphire has gained popularity in recent years for its shimmering green color and rarity. The presence of the trace element iron in its chemical composition results in this lovely shade. This gemstone is highly valued by gemstone collectors and is associated with virtues such as trust and loyalty, making it a top choice for engagement rings.

7.Purple Sapphire:

Purple sapphires have a luxurious hue due to the presence of vanadium in their chemical composition. Shades range from medium deep reddish purple to violet purple. Unlike other gemstones, purple sapphire's primary color is always a pleasant purple. This gemstone is extremely rare in nature and is known for its ability to promote peace, calm and spiritual awakening.

8.White Sapphire:

Contrary to popular belief, white sapphires are not white, they are colorless and transparent. This rarest sapphire is pure corundum, which does not contain any trace minerals. Currently, white sapphires are becoming a popular choice for engagement rings as an alternative to diamonds due to their similar appearance and affordability.

9.Padparadscha Sapphire:

The padparadscha sapphire is one of the rarest and coveted sapphires. The name is derived from the Sinhalese word meaning water lotus and has an unusual salmon color. The color range of this gem belongs to a mix of pink and orange. The unique beauty of this gemstone, combined with its spectacular hue, makes these sapphires an absolute treat for the eyes.

10.Star Sapphire:

These sapphires are considered unique due to their special property - the "starlight" that gives them their mysterious beauty. This phenomenon simply indicates the presence of a six-ray star, which can be seen floating on a sapphire cabochon surface. This gave them the name Starlight Sapphire. They are available in almost every color, but yellow, green and orange star sapphires are less common.

Star Sapphire Engagement Ring

11.Parti-Colored Sapphire:

The sapphire itself presents a combination of different colors. It occurs due to a phenomenon - "color change", in which gemstones take on different colors under different lighting conditions. In daylight, they exhibit a bluish-purple base hue, while under incandescent lighting, they range in hue from violet to very intense red-purple. Some sapphires also exhibit a rare color change, from green in daylight to reddish-brown in incandescent light. This earned them the nickname "chameleon sapphire" or "corundum chameleon."

12.Fancy Colored Sapphire:

A little-known fact about sapphires is that they come in almost every color of the rainbow. Sapphires also come in purple, violet, peach, orange, green, brown and gray. In addition, there are colorless sapphires known as white sapphires. All these different types of sapphires are called "fancy sapphires". Compared to their blue, pink and yellow counterparts, they are excellent and not readily available.

There is no doubt that the sapphires are simply breathtaking and deserve all the compliments they get and more. Are you interested in these luxurious gems and want to know more about them? Then check out our detailed educational guide on Sapphire.

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