What Month is Sapphire?

Sapphire, the birthstone of September, is one of the most popular gemstones.
The fascinating cobalt hue of sapphire is unparalleled. For hundreds of years, sapphire jewelry has been loved by the royal family and is still very popular today.

Buying sapphires is much less technical than buying diamonds. Diamonds are prized for their brilliance, and sapphires are loved for their color. Sapphire is considered to be one of the "big three" (along with rubies and emeralds). Since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with a gorgeous ring, the demand for sapphire engagement rings has risen sharply.

As a follow-up to the precious gem purchase series, this guide will tell you everything you need to know when buying a sapphire.

What Does Sapphire Mean

The word itself is generally considered to be derived from the "blue" in Latin and Greek, although some people think it comes from the word Saturn in Sanskrit. In fact, in many languages, the word sapphire can be roughly translated as "Dear Saturn."

The ancient Persians believed that the entire world was built on sapphires, and the reflection of sapphires made the sky blue. In ancient Greece and Rome, nobles believed that sapphires could resist jealousy and harm. In the Middle Ages, blue sapphires were related to the sky-clergy wore them to symbolize heaven, while ordinary people believed that sapphires would attract blessings from heaven.

The birthstone of September is sapphire, which is also a traditional gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.

What Color is Sapphire

In folklore and history, although sapphire is always associated with blue when it comes to it, there are actually many colors of sapphire. For the most common sapphire colors, think of pink, pink-orange (called Paparacha sapphires), green, yellow, and purple sapphires, each of which varies from light to dark.
Star sapphire shows a kind of star-like effect called starlight. Starlight is caused by intersecting needle-like inclusions in the gemstone. Stars can appear as three-pointed or six-pointed stars on the surface of the stone.
The most valuable sapphire has a rich medium blue color. The characteristic of low-quality sapphires is that they are mostly opaque when viewed from the center.


This is the color of the stone you see from the flash returning to your eyes. Generally speaking, sapphires should be described by their primary and secondary tones. The best quality sapphires will only have the main hue of blue. It is common to find sapphires with more than one hue, such as violet (please note that when writing, the primary hue has a capital letter "blue", while the initial letter of the secondary hue is smaller, "violet")


Tone describes how light or dark a color is, ranging from very bright to very dark. The lighter the tone, the brighter the overall appearance of the sapphire, so It is best to keep the tone in the medium to dark range.


Saturation describes the amount of color present in the gem. As saturation has the most direct impact on the final price of a gemstone, it is the most important aspect of color grading. Too much saturation will make the gem look very dark, while too little saturation will make the gem look gray. The optimal saturation is medium to strong.


Sapphire usually has some slight visible inclusions. this is normal. It is difficult to find sapphires without any visible inclusions. Most sapphires may contain inclusions called needles. These look like tiny lines running through the interior of the gem. When determining whether a gemstone is a true sapphire, many gemologists assume that if the gemstone does not have any of these common visible inclusions, then the gemstone is an imitation.

How Color Affects Price

So how does it affect prices? Globally, the best color of sapphire is called royal blue. It is a medium to dark blue with high saturation. This creates a highly sought-after beautiful deep vivid blue sapphire. More saturated colors and darker tones will push up the price of sapphires. However, once the tone reaches a certain level, the stone will start to look very dark. Dark colored gems are always cheaper than light colored gems.


Except for the true blue color of sapphires, we cannot resist the visible sparkle. The secret of shiny sapphire? The way it is cut. When the sapphire is cut correctly, it can shine in the gem. Sapphire is also graded according to cut. You must remember which cuts, faceting, windowing, and symmetry to look for in gems.

There are countless ways to cut sapphires to show their natural beauty. Make sure you choose a tailoring that resonates with you.

Carat Weight

Sapphire is a heavier gemstone. This means that the size of a sapphire with the same carat number as a diamond will be smaller than a diamond. The size of a one-carat sapphire is usually slightly larger than 6 mm.

The larger the sapphire, the larger the carat number and the higher the cost.

Origin of Sapphire

Just like paying for a brand, the origin of a gemstone also directly affects its price. The same is true for sapphire. Although it is mined worldwide, some stones from specific places are more valuable than other peers because the quality of the stones collected from these places is higher. If you want to buy high-quality sapphires, please buy sapphires mined in Myanmar, Ceylon, Kashmir and Mogok.

How to Clean Sapphire

Maintaining your sapphire is very simple and can be done easily at home, because it is a very durable gemstone (Mohs hardness of 9).

First gather a soft dry cloth, a small soft brush, and a mild soap. Use warm soapy water and gently scrub the stone and surrounding surfaces with a soft brush. When your stone is as clean as you want, you can rinse it with warm water and dry your stone with a soft cloth.

Be careful when using harsh chemicals when wearing gems. These may have negative effects. Before engaging in any activity involving chemicals, it is best to remove all valuable gems.

How Much Does a Sapphire Cost

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