What Do Rubies Represent

Many cultures have long considered rubies to be the stone of kings. Not surprisingly, the symbolism and legends of rubies have many connections to power and wealth. Owning a ruby ​​is said to be beneficial for protecting the owner's property and helps build wealth. Notably, this gem will help its owner get more gems.

Vintage Ruby Ring
Stone of Protection
When worn as a talisman, the ruby's mystical properties extend to personal protection. It is believed that wearing the stone on the left side, which is the side of the heart, allows the bearer to lead a peaceful life. No one can take their land or status. The blood-colored stone protects them from all dangers, even their homes from storms.

Ruby Symbol with Blood

Ruby's blood color has undoubtedly inspired a strong connection to this life-sustaining fluid. Those who risked their lives were considered to have a special connection to the gem. The ancient Burmese regarded ruby as a soldier's stone. They believe it imparts invulnerability. However, wearing it on the left is not enough. This benefit is only available to those who physically insert the ruby into the flesh. They believe they cannot be harmed by spears, swords or guns.

Other sources claim that rubies and other red gemstones can treat bleeding and inflammation, and increase the warmth of the body. (In fact​​, you will find many similarities between the folklore surrounding another famous red gemstone, the garnet, with ruby symbolism and legend. Before the development of scientific classification of gemstone species, many believed that all red gemstones were is the same type of gemstone. ).

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Inner Radiance of Ruby

The ruby's inner light seems to suggest that it may contain an inner fire. This visual may have inspired some strange legends. Putting a ruby in water will make it boil. If hidden in packaging, the gem may glow and reveal its presence.

The legendary ruby glows. One of them was even described as "flashing like a torch".

Living Ruby

All types of rubies are considered to have similar properties. In addition to their protective abilities, they are said to help control evil thoughts, dispel anger, and resolve disputes. However, darker rubies are considered "male", while lighter stones are considered "female."

Antique Ruby Bracelet

When people in the Middle Ages encountered a gemstone with an engraved pattern, it was believed that the gemstone was naturally occurring. Although these pieces were carved from ancient times, they are not believed to have been made by humans. They believe these gems have special powers. For example, in the 13th century work The Book of Wings, Ragier wrote:

In the past, some people believed that the soul lived in rare and beautiful gems. The notion that gems themselves are sentient beings may seem unusual. However, the belief that jewelry has a "feel" is no different. Mineralogist George Kunz points this out in Mme's writings. Catulle Mendes, when she talks about wearing so many rings, because if she doesn't, her gems feel despised.

Ruby Symbolism and the Kalpa Tree

Hindus believe that ruby is known as the "king of gems" and is more valuable than any other gemstone. Mani Mala describes the Kalpa tree as a symbolic offering made entirely of precious stones to the Hindu gods. Made of sapphires, diamonds, topaz, emeralds, and other precious stones, this magnificent tree will bear rubies as its fruit.

One of the ceremonial products left behind by Hindus in various temples is gems and jewellery. Regarding the person who gave the ruby, Harita Smriti said: "Whoever worships Krishna with a ruby will be reborn as a mighty emperor. If there is a small ruby, he will be a king."

Dreams and Ruby Symbolism

An Arabic book on dreams published by Achametis in the 8th century discusses the meaning of ruby dreams. The king dreamed that the crown was inlaid with red gems such as rubies, indicating that he would be very happy. His enemies will fear him even more. Other sources say that dreaming of rubies portends business success. For cultivators, dreams mean good harvests.

Success Stone

With such a long and varied history, it is no wonder that rubies have such a mysterious color. We all want our stuff to be the best. Of course, ruby owners have a vested interest in their property, but the ruby's reputation and beauty support this claim. So, if you want a gem to increase your fortune, impress your opponents and protect you from harm, the legendary ruby ​is the one for you.