What Are Pearls?

Pearls are unique among gems because they do not come from the depths of the earth, but from the sea. They do not require special cutting or polishing to maximize their luster beauty and ensure that pearl jewelry is always fashionable.

Is Pearl a Gemstone?

Real pearls are one of the most coveted gems in the world. Elegance, tranquility and beauty, some people regard pearls as a small reflection of the moon because of its natural luster and underwater mystery. Pearl necklaces and pearl earrings are very popular as gifts because everyone likes to wear them! In this article, we will reveal many different facts about these beautiful gems and introduce information about the symbolism of pearl jewelry.

What Birthstone is Pearl?

Pearls are the oldest and most traditional of the June birthstones. They offer a feminine and romantic feel that can elevate any outfit they go with. Their mythology has a long history, claiming that they were made from the tears of mermaids and angels. Some even say that pearls are fragments of the moon that have fallen into the sea.

How Are Pearls Formed?

Pearls occur organically. These beautiful gems were created in different kinds of mollusks. This is completely different from other gems that are formed in the form of minerals beneath the surface.

The greatest treasure ever found in the ocean was not found in a pirate's treasure chest. The most dazzling gem ever found in the sea was made under the waves there. When a little bit of sand gets stuck in the oyster shell, pearls are formed. It will irritate the oyster, and then the oyster will produce a nacre to cover the irritant. Layers of pearls pile up, forming larger and larger pearls over time.

Today, this process is cracked and irritants are artificially inserted into the shells of mollusks to produce more pearls. However, mollusk organisms need to reach maturity before foreign stimuli can be implanted.

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The History Of Pearl Jewelry

In 2,206 BC, a Chinese historian recorded for the first time in history that the value of pearls as gems has been thousands of years old. However, there are major differences between pearls and other gemstones. Although these other substances are formed in the form of underground minerals, pearls have an organic origin. They are formed in various freshwater and saltwater molluscs. Simply put, pearls are gems, but not stones.

Until the 20th century, pearls were one of the most valuable gems in many cultures. The rules of the Byzantine Empire stipulated that only the emperor could wear pearls. Other societies stipulated who could wear these small treasures and who could not wear them. The 16th century was known as the Pearl Age in Britain, which embodies the prestige brought to them by pearls at that time.

After people in Asia discovered how to make cultured pearls in the early 1900s, pearls became easier to obtain. By carefully putting a small nucleus into a live oyster, pearls are formed around the nucleus, which can be cultivated in the oyster farm.

What Do Pearls Symbolize?

In the ancient Vedic texts, pearls are born of the power of earth water and heaven, and are nourished by a flash of lightning. It is considered the daughter of the moon. In Western culture, pearls are related to Venus. The goddess of love comes from the sea like a pearl.

According to ancient Chinese legends, pearls are formed on the head of a dragon, and they must be killed to obtain legal ownership of the pearl.

The Japanese believe that pearls are formed when fairies, mermaids, and other mythological creatures cry, and their tears will turn into pearls.

The Persians believed that the rainbow was the cause of the formation of pearls, and the lightning was the defect of the pearls.

Hindus believe that pearls can reduce your karma and make your relationships stronger.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Pearls

The pearl represents the wisdom gained through experience. People believe that marine gems can provide protection for the wearer and bring good luck and wealth. In addition, pearls represent the purity and integrity of the wearer.
For those who love the sea, pearls are perfect gems because they are a perfect symbol of the sea. In order to complete their symbolic meaning, the moon is closely related to the ocean in mythology and science. It affects the tides, and may not even understand how our ancestors around the world knew this.

moon star pearl earrings

Where Do Pearls Come From? (Pearl Varieties)

Round, white, shiny pearls are almost considered the global standard for "pearl" appearance. However, the truth is that there are different types and shapes of pearls all over the world.

Akoya Pearl

For a long time, Japan has been a world leader in the cultivation of Akoya pearls, producing the world's most stable quality pearls. Although Akoya pearls are usually white, some may have golden or silver-blue undertones.

Freshwater Pearl

As the name suggests, this type of pearl grows in freshwater mussels, not marine molluscs.

Freshwater Pearl Ring

Freshwater pearls mainly come from China, and their colors vary greatly. Usually, they have soft tones of peach, lavender, pink and white. They are usually treated with special dyes to enhance or change their color. Freshwater pearls dyed black are called "peacock pearls" because of their shimmering violet iridescence.

Tahitian Pearl

These are the most exotic natural pearls you can find. Their dark color is completely natural and can only be found in the surrounding areas of French Polynesia. Black pearls are extremely rare and highly sought after in pearl jewelry.

South Sea Pearl

South Sea pearls can be found in the waters around Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia. Due to the size of oysters, they can be quite large. Needless to say, this natural pearl is the most expensive of all pearls.

Baroque Pearl

Traditional pearls are round, while baroque pearls are almost anything else.

Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings
Some people like Baroque pearls because of their unique shape, although traditional pearls are usually more valuable. A traditional pearl’s price depends on its size, the bigger the better. According to color and luster, baroque pearls are more expensive.

Pearls as Gifts

Traditionally, pearls symbolized eternal love, loyalty and wisdom. Because of its typical white color, pearls also represent innocence, purity and loyalty, which are all characteristics related to white.

Pearls also symbolize protection and strength, just like in the past, wearing pearls is believed to be able to resist any evil. Although you may not be superstitious, this kind of connotation is still a good one.

There are three types of birthstones in June: pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. Pearls are also a traditional gift for the 30th anniversary of the wedding. But pearls are not only used for special occasions. Just as they can be worn every day, pearls can be gifted on any birthday or for any reason, even just saying "I love you".

Some gift ideas to consider would be:

Charming pearl bracelets and small pearl crystal earrings are lovely gifts for young bridesmaids and young girls.

Pearl Charm BraceletPearl Crystal Earrings

A simple pearl necklace set is perfect for girls around 18-25 years old, and a great gift for 21st birthday.

Original Pearl Necklace Set
Baroque pearl earrings are very attractive and add sportiness, which means they can be "dressed up" in simple outfits.

Baroque Pearl Earrings
Simple diamond pearl earrings are very popular as gifts because everyone likes to wear them!

Simple Diamond Pearl Earrings

Pearl choker necklace is a personalized piece of black tie, and it is also a perfect pearl anniversary gift.

Real Pearl Choker Necklace

Getting A Pearl Necklace

The pearl necklace is no longer your grandmother's pearl. Although this expression is tiring, it is true that more and more young people are attracted by pearls and pearl jewelry.
Not only are pearl necklaces more and more popular, they are also a great gift idea, as long as your intentions are correct.

What Does Getting A Pearl Necklace Mean

Pearls are among the top precious gems in the jewelry industry today, and they carry many meanings.

Pearl Drop Necklace

They are the perfect complement to gorgeous jewels, with a rather tranquil beauty, but also with a beautiful and elegant feel that makes them shine.

Therefore, if you receive a pearl necklace as a gift, here are some meanings of the necklace.

1. Symbol of love

Even in ancient times, men and women would decorate their bodies with pearls, not only because of the beauty of gems, but also because pearls are considered a symbol of love, not just any kind of love, but the purest love.
It is also believed that wearing pearls will strengthen friendship and at the same time bring a sense of peace, especially when you are angry with others.

2. Pearls are regarded as amulets.

Through generations and centuries, it has been known that pearls have amazing properties, and pearls are almost sacred. These powerful amulets are considered protective, and they are a great gift for anyone.

3.Sign of good luck

In ancient Greece, the myth is that pearls are the tears of the gods. It is also believed that if a woman wears pearls on her wedding day, she will stop crying.
Pearl is usually used as a symbol of love and affection, as well as good luck. In addition, various myths use pearls as a symbol of good fortune and wealth.

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Caring For Pearl Jewelry

The acid in sweat will gradually damage the pearl, so after wearing the pearl next to the skin, cover the pearl with a dry or damp cloth. Keep your peal jewelry away from perfume or other chemicals, and keep them away from high temperatures.

The best way to clean pearls is to use a soft, clean cloth dipped in warm water and wipe gently. Do not use any soaps, jewelry cleaning products or brushes as they will damage the nacre. After the pearls are cleaned, put them on a towel to dry.

If you follow these guidelines, your pearl will remain beautiful for decades and become a family heirloom.

Pearl rings, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets or pearl necklaces are full of beauty and luster and are an excellent addition to every jewelry collection. At HER’S Jewelry, we have the perfect pearl jewellery that can add highlights to your look.