About Baroque Pearls

The word "Baroque" comes from the Portuguese word barroco, which means imperfect, rough or uneven pearl. According to the French dictionary of 1694, Baroque is defined as the word used to describe pearls that are not perfectly round. Baroque is also the term for the historical period from the early 17th to the mid-18th century, known for its luxurious and refined decoration.

Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are an umbrella term that covers a range of pearl shapes. Simply put, Baroque pearls are irregular or asymmetrical shaped pearls that can come in a variety of shapes, from flat discs to bumpy asymmetric spheres.

This is in stark contrast to the traditional view of what a pearl should look like - perfectly round, smooth and lustrous. Baroque pearls have been considered inferior since the commercialization of cultured pearls in the 1900s, but today the situation has changed.

While baroque pearls may seem like a new addition to the fashion world, a review of history shows that imperfect pearls are often prized for their uniqueness.

The Origin and Significance of Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are any pearls that are imperfectly shaped or non-spherical. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be used to create modern pearl jewelry. Baroque gemstones get their name from the French word "baroque", which means irregular shape, or from the Portuguese "barroco", which means "irregular pearl."

Lustrous natural gemstones do not come from a single place, baroque pearls just refer to shapes, they can come from anywhere in the world. Because of the way each pearl is formed, baroque pearls are more common in freshwater than spherical gemstones and therefore tend to be more affordable.

Who Wears Baroque Pearls?

Baroque pearls have been walking around the red carpet for the past few years. Celebrities such as Kiera Knightley, Dakota Johnson, Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson have worn all types of baroque pearl jewelry.


Who Wears Baroque Pearls

Dakota Johnson wearing large baroque pearl earrings

Baroque pearls are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. This is a twist on the traditional classic look of typical pearls. While it looks classy and classy, ​​it's different.

Baroque Pearl Earrings

It's a new way of looking at pearls that upends the idea that pearls must be perfect. Baroque pearls celebrate imperfection and individuality, which fits perfectly with expressing yourself through fashion today.

How are Baroque Pearls Formed?

Baroque pearls are formed in much the same way as symmetrical pearls. The irritant enters the mollusk, where it goes on to become the nucleus of the pearl. Oysters secrete a thin layer of nacre that coats the nucleus and builds up over time. When the layers are uneven, a baroque pearl forms, leaving us with a gorgeous and unique gem.

Many people think that a grain of sand might stimulate the process to begin, but this is not the case. This is why natural pearls formed without human intervention are very rare. However, some types of pearls, such as the Kernelian pearls we use in our mother of pearl collection, do not require nucleus formation, but they are just as rare and therefore valuable. Cultured baroque pearls form when a nucleus, such as a small piece of shell, is inserted into an oyster's muscle to start the process.

Freshwater Pearls and Seawater Pearls

Baroque pearls can come from fresh or salt water. Freshwater pearls are those that form in freshwater, such as lakes and rivers. Over 90% of freshwater pearls are baroque pearls, the most abundant type. Some of the most sought-after saltwater baroque pearls come from the South Seas in places like Tahiti because of their larger size.

Why Choose Baroque Pearls? 

Besides the obvious physical differences from traditional pearls, there are many advantages to choosing baroque pearls.

Here are 5 things that differentiate baroque pearls from traditional pearls and make them a great choice.

1- Unique shape

This is the most obvious difference, and while it was seen as a disadvantage in the past, the shape of baroque pearls today makes them so beloved.

Due to their unique shape, each baroque pearl is unique and has its own personality, giving them a natural, organic look. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find two identical baroque pearls. Baroque pearls became important as fashion trends and tastes became more unconventional and self-expression came into the limelight.

2- Creative Jewelry Design

Because of their shape, baroque pearls pose a challenge to jewelry designers, who often come up with creative ways to display the beauty of pearls.

Traditional pearls can only be set in many ways, but with baroque pearls, jewelers try to highlight the unique shape of the gemstone. This often results in one-off unique jewelry designs.

3- Extraordinary Gloss

Baroque pearls are often very lustrous, in part because the bumps and ridges on the pearl's surface interact with light differently than a perfect pearl. 

As light penetrates the layers of nacre that make up the pearl, it bounces off the crystal and back to the observer's eye, creating the luster we look for in pearls. Baroque pearls are more angular and ribbed than round pearls, allowing light to refract in all directions. 

4- Stunning Colors

Baroque pearls have beautiful colors that shimmer on the surface of the pearl. Regardless of the pearl's body color, the irregular shape accentuates the color, adds stunning overtones, and even has a sense of direction.

Multicolor Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Baroque Tahitian pearls are particularly eye-catching because of their unparalleled hue, with peacock, eggplant and steel green being some of the popular colors. Only baroque pearls have this color because of how light reflects off the pearl.

5- Amazing Affordability

Despite their beauty and uniqueness, baroque pearls can still be affordable. Other things being equal, baroque pearls will cost significantly less than perfectly round pearls, making them perfect if you want to own a string of real pearls without paying for it.

From this perspective, compare this baroque pearl necklace from Amazon to this round pearl necklace. Although baroque pearls are larger, they cost more than 50% less than a perfect string of pearls.

Different Types of Baroque Pearls

baroque pearls shape

Since baroque pearls are the umbrella term for all irregularly shaped gemstones, there are several types of them:


These baroque pearls are long and thin, making them a great choice for earrings.


Teardrop pearls form the outline of a teardrop. These elegant baroque pearls look beautiful on drop earrings.

Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings


Features a smooth, round and flat appearance that mimics coin earrings or pendants.

Baroque Pearl Earrings


Heart-shaped pearls are similar to coin pearls, but in the shape of a heart, making them a great choice for romantic jewelry.

heart baroque pearls


Small and shaped like rice grains, these are often used in cluster jewelry as an affordable option.

Keshi - Seedless pearls, these pearls are 100% nacre and can come in many shapes.


Potato-shaped baroque pearls are large and oval, perfect for displaying on a string of pearls.

Baroque Pearl Chain Bracelet


An extremely rare gem whose nacres form a cross.


In this formation, two baroque pearls are joined together to form one.

Twin  baroque pearls

Are Baroque Pearls More Expensive?

Perfectly spherical and round pearls are rare, while baroque pearls are more abundant. This means they are a more affordable option when it comes to such lustrous gemstones, making them incredible statement jewelry at no cost.

Types of Baroque Pearl Jewelry

Baroque pearl jewelry comes in a variety of designs to suit all styles. From minimalist, understated pieces to minimalist, personalized designs, baroque pearls can be owned by everyone.

Baroque pearl chains, be they necklaces or bracelets, are striking and intriguing because they look so familiar yet so different. Larger pearls (like the one worn by Kiera Knightley above) look striking, while smaller baroque pearls look more traditional. 

Multicolor Baroque Pearl Bracelet

If an entire pearl chain is too much for you, try a baroque pearl pendant. Whether adorned with pearls alone or paired with metal for a glamorous look, pearl pendants are must-haves that can be worn on any occasion.

Baroque Pearl Necklace

Channel your inner Dakota Johnson with a pair of baroque dangling earrings. Due to their placement on your face, dangling earrings are instantly eye-catching and will undoubtedly bring you a lot of compliments.

Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings

Always find a size and shape that suits your face shape. Add a touch of glamour to any look with drop earrings.The teardrop pendant is reminiscent of the sophisticated style of celebrities like Kate Middleton, while the lute pearl pendant is perfect for a sleek, stylish look.

Baroque pearls rings can be truly stunning and unique. Pearl rings are not suitable for everyday wear as they are not suitable for high exposure, but you can find great designs designed to provide more protection to the pearl. A bezel or halo setting will keep the pearl safe while still displaying it to its greatest beauty.

White Baroque Pearl Ring

How to Clean Baroque Pearls

When cleaning baroque pearls, you can simply wipe with a soft cloth after each wear to remove excess oil or grime. This gentle jewelry cleaning will help enhance its natural shine.

Since baroque pearls are naturally alkaline, you should wear them after the perfume has dried so that the acid in the perfume does not damage them. This will help them stay in top shape for a longer period of time.