What is Blue Topaz?

Topaz is a bright, durable and shiny semi-precious stone with many colors including blue, yellow and white. Blue topaz is the most widely used variant in the topaz family. Its popularity is attributed to its charming blue.

Blue topaz celebrates wisdom, relieves anger and sadness, and provides light in dark places. It is a gem of abundance and health, and it looks as good as a prom dress and business attire. December's birthstone is blue topaz. Traditionally, blue topaz is also used as a gift for the 16th wedding anniversary.

When buying blue topaz jewelry, be sure to conduct research to understand how to avoid any pitfalls. This comprehensive shopping guide will help you start the process.

Where Does Blue Topaz Come From

Although topaz is mined worldwide, the best gems come from Brazil. Today, the gemstone trade in Brazil is still mainly done by hand, and the country regulates heavy mining operations to protect the environment and tribal culture.

In the United States, topaz is mined from the lava flow of Topaz Mountain in Utah. Topaz is also mined in Russia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria,   Norway, Germany, Italy and Germany.

Topaz Color

The color of a gem is probably the most important aspect of a gem. Deep saturated blue topaz is more expensive than lighter shades. Popular color variations of blue topaz include:

What is London Blue Topaz

London blue topaz is a dark blue gemstone, darker than Swiss blue topaz or aquamarine. London blue topaz has all the same qualities as blue topaz, only the dark blue that is famous for it makes it a more expensive choice because it is more sought after.

What is Swiss Blue Topaz

One of the most popular topaz colors is Swiss blue topaz. The sky blue topaz resembles the color of the sky, with different shades. However, it is lighter than London blue topaz.

Although this stone is bright blue, London blue topaz is still the more popular choice, although the latter is slightly more expensive. Nevertheless, this gem is very suitable for making eye-catching and individual items, and it is affordable.

What is Sky Blue Topaz

This light blue topaz captures the light of the sky. Anyone who likes delicate colors and cloudless sky will be happy.


The way a gem is cut can have a significant effect on its front color. Topaz is an extremely versatile gemstone. It can be cut into various cutting styles, such as oval, pear, round, emerald, cushion, triangle and marquise. Even the fancy shapes and designer cuts made by hand and/or machine are very popular. A well-cut topaz will reflect a lot of light from its facets. Just like diamonds, topaz has perfect cleavage, so it has a magnificent sparkle.


Most topazes are of type II. This means that the stone has other inclusions such as liquid, glass and crystals. These inclusions help you get the type of clarity. But as far as blue topaz is concerned, it belongs to Class I. Gemstones belonging to this category may have no visible inclusions.

Size (Carat)

Unlike diamonds, which are measured by carat weight, a more accurate way to assess the size of this December's birthstone is through its diameter (in millimeters). This can give you a more complete understanding of what the gem looks like in its setting.

Hardness and Wearability

Blue topaz has a Mohs hardness rating of 8, which means that it is not as indestructible as diamonds and may chip or scratch easily. But if you wear blue topaz carefully, it can withstand daily wear and tear.

How to Clean and Care for Blue Topaz

Cleaning blue topaz is as simple as warm soapy water and a clean dry cloth. This can remove the dirt and grime that accumulates on the surface of the stone and restore its luster.

Due to the hardness of blue topaz, it is important to store it separately or in a soft cloth. This will protect your other gems from being scratched by the hard surface of blue topaz, and it can also protect your blue topaz from being scratched by harder stones such as diamonds or sapphires.

It is best to remove the blue topaz before exercising, putting on makeup or cleaning the house, because chemicals such as sweat, chlorine, ammonia, detergents, and other foreign dust and liquids can damage the quality of the gemstone.

Can I Use Blue Topaz As an Engagement Ring or Promise Ring?

Of course! Its economy makes it ideal as a promise ring, and its stunning hue makes it more attractive as an engagement ring. Although the more popular diamonds and sapphires overshadow it, blue topaz itself is excellent. It combines shiny colors and durability without sacrificing brilliance and elegance, making it perfect for your budget. The blue topaz engagement ring will attract a lot of compliments and remind you to keep your love colorful and strong, just like the moment you know you meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

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